Workplace Essentials during the Summer Months

Summer is upon us; yes it may not feel like the Bahamas outside but with highs of 23/24℃, we can safely say, things are heating up. Now, as most of us will be working through these scorching times, we’ve found some workplace essentials that are 100% necessary when working during the summer months.

These products are ideal when working inside or outside but could also be used on general days out and about at the weekend.

Number 1: Cool Dry Summer Shirts

\"\"Cool dry summer shirts are the biggest hit in the summer months!
They’re perfect for anyone that\’s busy working or walking around in the heat as they absorb moisture as well as keeping you cool and fresh all day long.

Many are also available to personalise with names or logos.

Number 2: Personalised Water Bottles

\"\"Keeping hydrated in the sun is crucial. To avoid suffering from sunstroke, we recommend carrying around a water bottle. Water bottles are just as important for those working inside on those hotter days; they give you no excuse of being too far from a tap and they prevent spillages on electrical equipment.

You could also get personalised water bottles for you and your colleagues! Why? Because accidentally drinking from your colleague, Jerry\’s bottle isn\’t quite appealing to everyone!

Number 3: Branded Caps

\"\"The last on our workplace essentials during the summer are branded/personalised caps. They look great, they protect you from the sun and can promote your business at the same time. Caps can come in a variety of colours as well as adjustable straps and can be personalised with logos or names on them. If you or your employees are working outside during the summer months, we highly recommend these to keep safe.

If you\’re interested in any of the personalised workplace essentials we mentioned above, or any other promotional products, get in touch. Give us a call on 01933 650588 or fill out our online contact form.

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