5 Steps To Creating Eye-Catching And Informative Flyers

We want your brand to turn heads with our printed products…that\’s why we\’re sharing our
flyer design tips to drive sales directly to you!

1. The Headline
The headline is something that will be used to grab your customer\’s attention, so take time to
think of a great title for your flyer. Also, make sure your title is short and straight to the point.

2. Graphics
Make sure to use relevant graphics in your work and ensure they are high enough quality for
print. Keep your text and content neat by aligning it and make sure your fonts are readable.
You should also spend time proofreading your work. To avoid mistakes, ask someone else
to read through your work as well as using a spell checking software.

3. Keep it simple
Keep the content of your flyer simple. Less is more so only type in your key points and don\’t
ramble on.

4. Contact Information
You want business to come from your flyer so ensure you\’ve given a call to action.
Include your business name, a contactable phone number and email as well as a business

You could also include your social media handles.

5. Print
Finally, think about how your flyer is going to look to your customer/client.
By using a glossy or laminated finish or choosing luxury paper for your flyer can help create
a great first impression.

A quality print finish can be just as important as everything else on your design.

The right quantity: We offer competitive pricing across the board, whatever quantity you
need, we can provide it at a competitive price.

The right paper: We have everything from budget to premium plus. Choose from a range of
glossy, matte or recycled paper.

The right look: If you\’d prefer for us to create your print, we offer a range of professional
designs within our intuitive design studio.

If these flyer design tips have helped you and you’d like to start your print order now, get in
touch with Nathan on: Nathan@datsprint.co.uk

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